Short Giraffe is a playfully absurd 2.5D platformer with a unique movement neck-chanic. Playing as Agent G, players can extend and retract their neck to traverse the world. The Meerkats are out to ruin the world, players must find the meerkats to discover their dastardly doings. As Agent G, players will investigate the meerkat plot from the savanna to the freezing arctic. With seven uses for the neck, this mechanised mammal is well equipped to stop the growing meerkat threat. Short Giraffe offers players a light-hearted atmosphere that delivers a series of complex puzzles.

SG Senior Reel.mp4


Connor Breen: UI Programmer

Matthew Roy: Lead Programmer:

Jack Malvey: Tools Programmer:

Lucas Spiker: Systems Programmer

Christine Brumbaugh: Lead/Level Designer:

Joeseph Martellucci: Lead/Level Designer:

Dylan Alter: Systems Designer:

Josh Lanham: Narrative Designer/Writer:

Dylan Gooley: Lead Environment Artist:

Elizabeth Peak: Animator/Character Artist:

Julia Wolniewicz: 2D and UI Artist:

Alexander Dalton: Co-Producer:

Jonathan Woodside: Co-Producer:

Andrew Waterhouse: Lead Audio: